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Some exciting new projects to announce for 2015. Arrow Films has recently revealed that it will soon be releasing two important Euro-cult classics – Tonino Valerii’s spaghetti western DAY OF ANGER (1967) and Mario Bava’s giallo thriller BLOOD AND BLACK LACE (1964).

Day of Anger

Both films are being released in Blu-ray and DVD combo releases, with BLOOD AND BLACK LACE also being issued as a steelbook Blu-ray edition. The editions include both the English language and Italian language versions of the films, and are packed with extras including documentaries, alternative version and interviews. I’m pleased to say that I’ve contributed booklet essays to both releases.


All the disks are being released almost simultaneously in the UK and US. DAY OF ANGER comes out in the UK on 30 March, with BLOOD AND BLACK LACE out on 13 April. In America, BLOOD AND BLACK LACE is out on 14 April and DAY OF ANGER will be out on 31 March. Titles are available to pre-order now – from Amazon or directly from Arrow Films.

As a follow-on from my 2013 e-book MARIO BAVA: DESTINATION TERROR (see earlier post), I’m currently working on a new book for I.B. Tauris. TERROR EATS THE SOUL: THE SPINE-TINGLING GUIDE TO EURO-HORROR will be published in paperback in 2016. It will look at all aspects of Euro-horror cinema, from Hammer Horrors and German Krimis, to gothics, zombies, vampires, werewolves and gialli.


I’ve also started writing a new series for CINEMA RETRO magazine on Raquel Welch’s three big-screen western outings. WELCH OUT WEST will be running across the next three issues of the magazine, which is the whole of RETRO’s 2015 season 11. The first part, in issue #31, is “NO NOOSE IS GOOD NOOSE”, which looks at BANDOLERO! (1968) co-starring James Stewart and Dean Martin. The two follow-up parts examine the shot-in-Spain westerns 100 RIFLES (1969) and HANNIE CAULDER (1971).


[above: publicity still of Raquel Welch on location in Utah for ‘Bandolero!’]

Issue #31 includes my article on the quartet of Italian science-fiction movies made by director Antonio Margheriti and set on space station GAMMA ONE. These lively, colourfully weird cult movies include THE WILD WILD PLANET, WAR OF THE PLANETS, WAR BETWEEN THE PLANETS and THE SNOW DEVILS. The Moon may not be made from cheese, but these films certainly are.


The issue also includes:

• A tribute to Pam Grier, the “First Lady” of kick-ass cinema • Exclusive interview with film preservationist Charles Cohen of the Cohen Film Collection • “Film in Focus” article dedicated to that great 1970’s film noir flick “Farewell My Lovely” with Robert Mitchum as Philip Marlowe • Celebrating the life and career of director Ted Post (“Hang ‘Em High”, “The Harrad Experiment”, “Magnum Force”, “Beneath the Planet of the Apes”) • “James Bond’s Portugal” – some of the key OHMSS locations then and now. • Reliving the wonders of VistaVision • “The New Avengers” at Pinewood Studios • Richard Burton and Rex Harrison as gay lovers in the forgotten gem “Staircase” Plus: “Bite the Bullet”, Hammer star Olinka Berova, “Mark of the Devil”, Raymond Benson’s Ten Best Films of 1950, Joe Namath as “The Last Rebel”, all the latest DVD, film book and soundtrack reviews.

Issue #31 is now available and can be ordered from CINEMA RETRO directly.