Over on the official 007 Fragrance website, there’s an exclusive look at a brief extract of one of the chapters from ‘The James Bond Archives’, published this October by Taschen. The site is publicising the launch of the fragrance for men, to coincide with the 50th Anniversary celebrations of the famously sophisticated film spy.

The extract is from ‘The Man With the Golden Gun’, one of the four chapters I’ve researched and written for ‘The James Bond Archives’ book. It’s a bit about the making of the film and Scaramanga’s famous prop Golden Gun, made from a cigarette lighter, pen, cuff links and cigarette case. This is a first look at text from the book and gives readers an idea of the book’s ‘oral history’ format.

‘The James Bond Archives’ is the official history of the 007 films, published with the cooperation of EON productions.

You can also order a free sample of the fragrance on the website, which GQ Magazine has called ‘The Most Dangerously Sophisticated Fragrance in the World’.

You can read the extract from ‘The Man With the Golden Gun’ here:



3 thoughts on “A DUEL TO THE DEATH

  1. tim ed kenneally says:

    hi howard, why on earth would you or anyone else waste time and ink space on the worst bond film ever made. surely you are not an admirer? you have a good job, a damn good job i don’t mind saying in writing about bond and if i was in your shoes i’d be writing about dr. no, from russia with love or ohmss, which in my opinion is one of the best. oh, don’t get me wrong; i like roger moore (except when he’s trying to smoke a fag or kissing a bird) but in non-bond roles. my favorites are fflokes, shout at the devil, the wild geese and gold. the man was just not bond. too prissy, sissi-fied we called it across the pond. cheers,tim

  2. Hi Tim
    I love The Man With the Golden Gun. I even like Lulu’s theme song. The interesting thing about writing the chapters for the ‘James Bond Archives’ has been looking at the vast archive of information, especially on the films’ writing and making. The sheer number of script revisions, the searches for far-flung locations and the logistics of shooting the films are adventure stories in their own right, which I hope is apparent in the book. The original novel of Golden Gun is a bunch of gangsters in a hotel in Jamaica, which Bond infiltrates to kill Scaramanga. It is unrecognisable from the film. I really like the locations in the film Golden Gun too – especially Scaramanga’s island, accessed by sea plane – and the idea that they managed to get martial arts into the film to capitalise on the craze at the time. It also has one of the greatest – perhaps the greatest – Bond stunts, in the car’s 360 degree jump on the broken-down bridge. Since I worked on the book, I’ve watched all the official Bond films (not in order) and the ones I enjoyed least (though none were terrible) were Diamonds Are Forever, Die Another Day and Moonraker. My favourite will always be OHMSS, but I also enjoyed Dr No, GoldenEye, The Spy Who Loved Me, The World is Not Enough, Live and Let Die, Goldfinger and From Russia With Love. Thunderball really surprised me as being much better than I remember (it’s almost like a continental Eurospy movie) and The Living Daylights was a surprise too. I never rated Dalton, but he’s very good here and this works as an entertaining adventure film.
    All best, Howard

    • tim ed kenneally says:

      hi howard, we differ so very very much. although american by birth (irish-german heritage) i really like those 50’s and 60’s british crime movies and director terence young especially. he himself was the real james bond, i’ve read, as far as living the good life. i’ve seen almost all of his films and really like his tough action scenes in all his films; even “the poppy is also a flower”. years ago i wrote a song with that title and someday i hope to have it published. again surprised you like “the world is not enough” another misfire in my book. i only have the early stuff on vhs tape. the latest edition for them which was a book-like box that opened to show scenes from the movie. “diamonds” for me is just o.k. saved by the great fight between connery and big joe robinson. cheers, have fun,tim

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