Today is designated ‘Global James Bond Day’ and sees a host of events worldwide to celebrate to 50th birthday of 007, the screen’s most famous, enduring and alluring secret agent. It coincides with the release of the first official James Bond film, ‘Dr No’, in 1962.

Adele’s much anticipated title song, written by Adele and producer Paul Epworth, has been released and can be heard here:

It’s a fitting James Bond theme (in the Shirley Bassey tradition) and features a monumental orchestration (which includes references to Monty Norman’s ‘James Bond Theme’) and a smoky-then-powerful vocal from the most popular singer in the world at the moment. It’s Adele’s first new release in over a year and is guaranteed to be a number one hit.   

In the UK Sky launch a devoted James Bond Channel, ‘Sky 007’ (actually their Sky Showcase channel under an alias). For the next four and half weeks the channel will show the Bond back catalogue, along with documentaries, including ‘Bond Girls are Forever’ and behind the scenes Previews from ‘Skyfall’. In the UK, ITV have always had the broadcasting rights to the James Bond films, so Sky must have bought them. Highlights today include ‘Dr No’, ‘Casino Royale’, ‘Thunderball’, ‘Goldfinger’, ‘Live and Let Die’ and ‘The Spy Who Loved Me’, but all the official films will get an airing over the coming month.

There’s also an auction at Christies, online from September 28 to October 8:

There are 40 Lots and 11 of the most interesting are covered at this website:

Among the lots on offer, there’s a programme for the ‘Octopussy Circus’, suction pads from ‘You Only Live Twice’, the Aston Martin Coupe from ‘Quantum of Solace’, and Daniel Craig’s Tom Ford two-piece dinner suit worn in ‘Skyfall’.

One of the lots is a new book called ‘007: The James Bond Archives’ published by Taschen. It’s the official book of the 50th anniversary celebrations and I was one of the team of writers who worked on this earlier in the year. It will be published in the UK on October 26 (to coincide with the release of ‘Skyfall’) and on November 9 in the US. The 600-page full-colour volume is the result of two-and-half-year’s research by the book’s editor Paul Duncan and is the definitive story of the James Bond films, from ‘Dr No’ to the present day. It includes a closely-guarded chapter on ‘Skyfall’ and initial copies also feature a film cell from ‘Dr No’. With the complete cooperation of film production company EON (Everything or Nothing), the Bond guardians, and co-producers Michael G. Wilson and Barbara Broccoli, the archives have been opened and the book is a treasure trove of rare documents, stories, interviews, on-set photographs, and other Bonderania, which provide insights into how, where, when and why the films were made over the last half-century.

There’s a link with some page previews here:

There’s quite a bit of interesting info on the book here, including details of  limited special edition print runs (2x 250) with signatures from Ken Adam and Daniel Craig:


You can pre-order the book from Amazon UK here:

And from Amazon US:



  1. tim ed kenneally says:

    hi again, gosh, i wish i lived in england. you folks have the greatest movie stuff; be it mags, movie channels and the home of james bond. i spoke of my love for james bond on a earlier site and 50 years ago today i saw “dr. no”. I actually was the very first person in my neighborhood who likes and collected bond stuff. to this day “dr. no” remains one of the roughest, toughest bonds. i read an article years ago that said that after dr. no that was the last time bond killed in cold-blood. he could have turned in professor dent, like miss taro, but killed him instead. yes, i read that brando liked “burn” but hated the director. in fact hated almost all of them except maybe arthur penn and george englund. and, of course, most all hated him,too. he really could clog-up the works. cheers,tim

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